Owner welcome

My name is Petr Šilhánek - let me introduce you this part of pages. I can speak English, so do not hesitate to contact me.

We prepare and manufacture furniture taking the utmost care over quality.

  • I personally guarantee that my employees deliver what has been agreed with our customers.
  • Project management enable us coordinate production with sub-deliveries and follow up processes.
  • I guarantee delivery of our products in agreed time.

These are my priorities. I was facing quite different attitude when I equipped my own house years ago. So I started my own business to treat my customers the way I wanted to be treated at that time.



We use advanced 3D furniture modelling software. We can see detailed drawing and at the same time software generates production data for CNC machines.

CNC production

Based on your approval of furniture design, we generate production data and send them to production department. Every single element is equipped with unique bar code. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, our workers have precise information what they produce and what operation needs to be done. This process enables us to produce our products in a precise and timely manner.

We use new machines by German producers for production. Machine quality reflects in production quality.


Company and our workers are insured for 3rd party liability. Insurance limit is CZK 150000 per employee.

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