Chcete nábytek na míru?


Commodes we can equip by opening doors, sliding doors, drawers or roller blinds.


This commode is produced from deep matt material with anti-finger print technology.

Commodes under TV are prepared for cabling for relevant installation. Customer preferred tip-on opening (no handles) of the drawers in this case.

Open cabinets can be good design element completing standard door cabinets.

This commode is covered by real concrete surface. Covering wood element is produced from wood with brushed surface which deliver interesting 3D texture.

We use LED illumination on the commodes often. It is directed usually downwards but in this case we illuminate wall above the commode.

This commode is from massive oak. We painted surface by solid wax oil, which is material based on natural products.

Beech fronts of the drawers enable milling of the edges.

Commodes hanging on the wall gives the space around lightness.

Tip-On opening doors and drawers. (Without handles).