We will help you to choose materials and kitchen equipment. We always provide 3D visualization of the kitchen and we agree design details before production. We are able to deliver and install the most brands of the electrical appliances. We use mostly brands as AEG, BOSCH, ELICA and MIELE.


Work space on this picture is designed from 12mm thin compact board. This material has good durability and water resistance and its thin design allow us to offer alternative to 38mm standard boards.

Black semi transparent glasses and decent black frames creates contrast to light design kitchen.

LED light in this installation can be managed by touch of every part of the LED profile. Advantage of this solution is, that switching light is easier and closer to user. Longer touch adjust light intensity. We advise for kitchens 14,4W/m and CRI > 90.

Undermount sinks fits good with compact board or stone work space.

Granite work space is equipped by undermount sink. Upper oak veneered cabinets are equipped by electrical lifting mechanism BLUM. You can open cabinet by touch and close it by pressing button. We installed also electrical opened freezer and refrigerator. Cooking plate is synchronized with the hood.

Here is kitchen with the most used 38mm work space board for comparison. We have hundreds of colors available to meet your choice. If you do not want to have bottle with saponate on the surface we can use built-in solution as depicted on picture above.

Kitchen had milled and lacquered doors in combination with black electrical appliances.

Ceramic sink in the kitchen.

Non built in freezers have usually more internal space for food storage. They are also deeper and so we have to adjust design of the cabinets around such freezer.

We recommend drawers for food storage. Either directly accessible (as on the picture) or behind the door (more usual). Drawers are easier for manipulation compared with wired system cabinets. Drawers are also accessible from above.

Beige color doors are combined with Lacobel glass on the upper cabinets and on the walls.

White sliding glasses behind the sink creates space for storage of small items. White design of the kitchen is supported by white oven and microwave.

Cooking plate is equipped by under circulation.

This kitchen has work space board from synthetic stone TECHNISTONE. This material is very hard and durable. You can see built in electrical socket.

There is heating socket under microwave for warming up plates or keeping food temperature for right serving.

Oven and Microwave should be in appropriate height. Lower device should be below workspace level.

For better accessibility of upper cabinets are usually more convenient lift mechanisms than opening doors.

For opening doors we can use:

  1. classical holds
  2. milled in holds (on the picture)
  3. profiles
  4. Tip-On or push mechanisms without visible holds
  5. Electrical Tip-On or push mechanisms

LED illumination upward direction can illuminate room by indirect light.

Same room in the evening without upper illumination.