Chcete nábytek na míru?

Living rooms

We can create furniture either from laminated boards or from veneered, wooden or lacquered boards. We have thousands of material samples available to you.


Oak shelves with LED illumination. Bottom cabinets are with the fold down doors.

We produced this book case from combination of lacquered elements and oak veneered parts. 

Bookstore with the veneered oak parts in combination with laminated doors and compact horizontal surface.


There is combination of the carpenter products, construction products and build in fireplace on the attached picture. We can manage suppliers co-ordination to save your time.

We prepare custom made wiring installation in our furniture. There are built in electrical sockets, wiring to TV. Behind the black board is LED illumination with remote control. We recommend warmer LED illumination tones to living room.

There is LED illumination under TV with possibility of remote control from mobile phone. You can adjust light intensity and also warmness of the light. You can see veneered rounded table in the front.

Cabinets are equipped by the doors and drawers.