How we work?

  1. We analyse product definition together with you or with your architect. We define suitable materials and components. Based on this definition we create detailed quote.

  2. We create 3D visualization after your quote acceptance. We optimize dimensions, shapes and internal equipment together with you. Every single cabinet has production drawing and it is available for you.

  3. After your approval we send production data to our production. Every single element is equipped with barcode including information for accurate processing. You get information about milestones from your furniture production.

  4. We install finalized product, clean it and hand over for your convenience.
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Why us?

  • All pictures on this pages are our products. You can consider if it meets your taste.
  • We will help you to choose suitable materials and assign colors. We proceed solid wood and also laminated boards. We have thousands samples available. We will advise you good quality components. We use well tested components mainly from Germany and Austria.

  • We invested to the most advanced software. We always create 3D model visualization. Software then generate production data. This process guarantee that final product is identical as model approved in design stage.

  • We produce furniture on CNC technology. CNC machine creates more precise elements than in standard carpenter shop. Precise elements generate first quality result. We use new machines and tools of German producers ALTENDORF, HOMAG, FESTOOL...

  • Processes and production is based on fifteen year experience with management of american best in class company in Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. We also utilize know-how from studies on Czech Technical University and Pittsburgh University EMBA programme. Our information system effectively shares information from customer to production shop and opposite. Project management experience enables us to coordinate our steps with other companies on construction site. This help us to eliminate extrawork and mistakes and we are able to deliver product on time in best quality. On the picture above are Prague Airport counters. Thanks to our synchronization with glassmakers, locksmiths and other following companies we were able to deliver product before deadline and without any backlog or defects. 


3D Design
3D visualization of your furniture possible from: July 15, 2020
Production date start
Production of your furniture possible from: August 6, 2020

You will see in your quote how long will last production of your furniture. If you add this time to above mentioned production start date then you can calculate when will be your furniture ready for delivery.

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Our products

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  • Kitchen
  • Living rooms
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Commodes
  • Work tables
  • Beds
  • Storage systems
  • Kid rooms
  • Corridors and entrance halls
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  • Other wooden products
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